DIY: Un sapin de Noël original/ An Unusual Christmas Tree


J’ai publié cet article le 30 novembre l’année passée ,  je suis entrain de vous trouver de belles inspirations pour votre sapin de Noël cette année mais en attendant, voici déjà des idées pour vous mettre dans l’ambiance de Noël et décorer votre intérieur sans sapin (naturel ou synthétique)!

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DIY: de jolis pompoms sur branches pour décorer votre chez-soi, Beautiful pom poms on tree branches to decorate your home, faire un pompon en laine, how to make a pom pom by hand, introduire les pom moms dans votre décoration , introduce pom moms in your decoration projects, une autre façon d’utiliser des pom moms, another way to use pompoms, réaliser des pom moms en laine avec tuto, make pompoms with tutorials, récupération branches mortes déco, recycle tree branches decoration, branches mortes et pompoms salon, tree branches pompoms living room, shades of pink pompoms decoration, nuances de roses pompoms décoration, pompom en laine rapide, wool pompons diy fast, pompom avec carton, pompom with cardboard, a different way décorante living room, autre façon décorer salon, décorer branches d’arbre pompom, decorate tree branches pompom, idée déco branche arbre pompom, tree branches décoration ideas pompom, beautiful ideas with pompoms and branches

DIY bouquet de pompom sur branches

You remember my moving challenge I started in June? Well during that time I was thinking of small solutions to decorate my living room. As you probably know now, I like a lot to create solutions on my own and not buying things right on the shelves in shops! I love flowers and I have very often flowers in my home, I find that it creates life and happy vibrance into the home. But I don’t have always time to buy flowers and I wanted to put something in my vase that would last forever… Of course I can buy artificial flowers and put them in my empty vase when I don’t have fresh flowers but that’s the easy solution. Furthermore you can’t always find flowers that match into your interior except of course if you buy white ones. As my walls are white, I didn’t want to have that kind of color in my vases. I really wanted to create a contrast.

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Archiexpo- FANTASTIC IDEAS WITH WALLPAPER’S LEFTOVER, idées de DIY avec restes papier peints, comment utiliser restes de papier peint, how to use leftover wallpaper, recycle wallpaper, recycler votre papier peint

DIY : 10 fantastic ideas with wallpaper’s leftover

You know, I love DIY.  I love also wallpaper and I think you can realize so many beautiful things with your leftover.  You can give a total different look to a shelve unit, you can customize a bedside table, you can transform your stairs…  There are endless possibilities and here are some fantastic ideas to motivate yourself to do something nice with your remains!

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DIY- napkins for everyday meals


Here I’m after more than one month of silence! As you know I was on holiday in beautiful France!

The weather was gorgeous and since it was so nice outside, I didn’t find time to sew.  Except one afternoon, it rained a lot and I decided to sew napkins for Sydney.  I wanted to do that for a long time now and thinking about it every day when we were eating with our old napkins…

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DIY: How to make a terrarium and which plants to choose?

I love flowers. But I don’t always have time to buy some for my house.  While I was taking photos of my home, I was thinking about an alternative solution to have green in my house and I thought about a terrarium.

It looks quite easy to do, I will do it after my holidays for sure!  I made a lot of research on the net and I share today my search with you!

But before, to inspire you and to show you how beautiful it can be, look at this pictures!

DIY terrarium_

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chalkboard painting- jars lid grand-

14 Ideas with chalkboard painting

I have always been fascinated by chalkboard paint well since it exists!  I have a removable chalkboard wall paper in my kitchen. I just have to surround it now with a nice and colored washi tape. I use this board  as a grocery list or sometimes as a reminder or to write some messages for the kids.  And at the bottom of it, I use a code for the kids so that they know if it's their turn to set up the table and they can also know their order to take their shower.

Of course if you are the owner of your house you can do a lot more by using chalkboard paint. It's an easy way to add personality to an entry, a kid's bedroom, a kitchen and all the rooms of your house.

Here are some ideas found on pinterest to use chalkboard paint.  Which idea is your favorite?

chalkboard painting- wallpaper removable kitchen

chalkboard painting- a wall in a young adult

chalkboard painting- a wall in the bathroom-

chalkboard painting- a wall in the bedroom  chalkboard painting- a wall in the living room to measure your children chalkboard painting- a wall in the living room chalkboard painting- kitchen island in the kitchen chalkboard painting- one sliding panel in the kitchen chalkboard painting- removable wall paper dishwasher chalkboard painting- removable wall paper playroom chalkboard painting- removable wall paper workspace chalkboard painting- sliding door kitchen chalkboard painting- wall herb in the kitchen chalkboard painting- wall in the kitchen

chalkboard painting- a wall in the entry-


Source: Pinterest

12 DIY decoration ideas for Easter!

There’s always a good reason to celebrate and celebrating is essential to feel happy and to enjoy life! Easter is a precious time to spend with your loved ones.  In Sydney we have 4 days- Friday and Monday are public holidays- so cool!

To celebrate Easter, you can prepare a good meal and decorate your house or simply your table with decorations that you’ll do yourself.  My last year ideas are here, but enjoy also new ideas I found on the web, they are also some « yummy » decorations!

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Daphné Décor&Design

DIY un top foulard pour l’été

Voici un modèle top foulard que j’ai réalisé il y a quelques semaines lorsque c’était l’été en Australie!  Ce top est très agréable à porter. Son look est sobre et élégant, si l’on choisit un tissu sobre et élégant! Je ne suis pas tellement fan du tissu choisi dans le livre mais j’adore le tissu que j’ai choisi!

Depuis le 1er mars, c’est officiellement l’automne à Sydney mais avec un superbe soleil et des températures avoisinants les 30°C en journée, l’été joue les prolongations tant mieux, je pourrai porter mon top foulard plus longtemps!

Modèle choisi:

IMG_2476 copie

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How to create a sustainable and amazing essential oil reed diffuser- DIY

Ingredients- oil diffuser-dii-Daphnedecordesign

I bought months ago an oil diffuser.  It was empty since many weeks and I was thinking about buying essential oil to fill it again.  It was quite expensive to refill my diffuser and I didn't like the fragrances available in the market.  And I love to create,  so after a web search, I created my own essential oil perfume.  Here are the ingredients and the material you need to create your own .

  • - Organic sweet almond oil or coconut oil or baby oil (enough to fill 3/4 of your bottle)
  • - A narrow-mouthed glass bottle
  • - Rattan reeds or any bamboo skewers (8-10)
  • - Essential oils (20 drops)
  • - Unflavored vodka or rubbing alcohol (1tsp)

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DIY avec du parpaing, DIY with besser blocks

When I wrote my post regarding creative bedside tables, I found one of these ideas particularly interesting.  It was the bedside tables with lesser blocks.  I even did one for one my boy but I can’t show you a photo because it will not look as nice as a photograph’s picture. And I choose this solution for my boy because, he had really a tiny space beside his bed and he was always putting down his glasses on the floor. After that my youngest boy was so jealous regarding his brother’s bedside table that he created one with an empty box of Kapla.  It was a very good idea!  That’s what I like with DIY, you see things and it gives you ideas to create something else.

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