The Décor&Design consultation*

To comfort your choices or to get new ideas: A visit at your home while I give tips, tricks, ideas in accordance with your needs and taste: color choices, layout, materials, fabrics, lighting, ...

The Décor&Design renovation file*

To renovate one room or your entire house: an essential tool to have before beginning the renovation work. The file includes 3D visuals, scaled layout, elevations, materials sourcing (sample and/or suppliers), specifications and moodboards (for the color scheme and the style you would like to give).


The Décor&Design styling file*

To personalize your space:  A file to plan, to give style and personality to your space depending on your wishes and budget. The file includes a layout of the room, a moodboard, a colored sketch and a shopping list. It helps to have harmonise your room and not to make mistakes by buying things that will not fit with the things you already have.

The Décor&Design bathroom/kitchen*

To redesign your bathroom or your kitchen: a file with layouts, 3D visuals, scaled plans, shopping list and sourcing materials (suppliers and/or samples) and moodboards (for the color scheme and the style you would like to give).


The Décor&Design personal shopper

To assist you in your shopping:  A special help to assist you while you're deco shopping or, if you don't have time to buy yourself, to shop for you (selecting and sourcing suppliers depending of your project and budget, orders, delivery organisation). Daphné Décor&Design can also give you the benefit of substantial discounts with a lot of brands.

The Décor&Design property*

To buy a property: you visited a property, you have its layout but you can't project yourself in it? This file includes 3D visuals and a proposed layout with your furniture which will help you to imagine all the possibilities you have with your futur home.


The Décor&Design color consultation

To be sure about a color scheme:  Have you ever bought the "perfect" paint colour, only to be disappointed at how it actually looks on your wall? I can help you to choose and create the colour palette that is right for your space and your lifestyle.

The Décor&Design home staging

To sell a property: it helps you to value your property, to present it under its best angle and to create a real "coup de coeur". Decluttering, storing, cleaning, shopping, painting, etc.


* These services can be done by distance with Skype or Facetime. It all begins with a questionnaire which allows me to get to know you and to know your house. Then we planify a first Skype/Facetime meeting and we start working together!

You have a question or you would like to talk to us about your specific needs?