Daphne came to my place and she spent 2 hours talking with me about how I could improve my living room. She listened on what I would like to change, on how much I wanted to spend and which colours I preferred. After these 2 hours, I had already a lot of ideas of how I could move my furniture to make my living room looks better!

She prepared a complete book with the design of the new living room, the scale plan before and after, a sketch of my new room and several photos of decorative accessories that could suit the room. This book is really a good tool which helps me everyday when I want to add a new decoration.

Daphne came with me doing shopping and helping me to find good ideas and to focus on what was really going to be nice in my room.

I liked a lot the way she interpreted my style and manage to put it in practice!

Cristiana- North Bondi (Sydney)